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2018 Spring Festival holiday notice

2018/2/13      view:
         My company is scheduled to officially leave on February 14, 2018, February 21 normal work!
         2017 is coming to an end, look back and forth for 17 years, race against time and make every effort to complete each project, repay each user a perfect answer. Thanks to the recognition of each user, we constantly improve, constantly improve, and always to a high standard, new appearance to show to everyone! 17 years our partners Hengdian East magnetic, Shunluo Electronics, Blue Technology, Shenzhen Jinshida and so have given us great recognition and support, thank each and every one of our customers trust us with grateful heart, Intention to complete all the components of each device and assembled into a perfect production line, to each business have brought some considerable benefits, the Chinese electronics industry continues to be strong, continuous casting process improvement, equipment configuration continues to improve, prompting China's electronic products continue to move forward, now products have been used in Apple mobile phones, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Philips, LED, and other well-known brands of electronic products at home and abroad, the rapid development of the casting equipment requirements have increased, we Will meet the current development situation, breaking the traditional concepts, with the latest design concepts to create more top-level equipment to show to each user, contribute to the community!
         2018 we will persevere, modest, honest, truth-seeking, innovative, follow the needs of users, do our best!
Finally, on the occasion of this festive season, Xi'an Xin B electronic staff wish you all new and old customers Spring, thriving, family fun!